Technical Production Assistance

The role of the Small Business Center (SBC) at your local community college is to assist food and farming businesses in business planning.


The SBC director’s role is to direct clients to technical resources to make their business a success.

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Technical assistance helps producers understand and use new technology and methods. Technical assistance, or training, is an important part of agriculture operations for two reasons: (1) most producers will need knowledge and support to make interventions to boost productivity and (2) it will help producers meet Codes of Conduct, helping to ensure environmental and social benefits.

Technical production assistance provides food and farming businesses with resources to address opportunities, concerns, and problems related their operations. 

This assistance can help land users: 

  • Maintain and improve private lands and their management

  • Implement better land management technologies

  • Protect and improve water quality and quantity

  • Maintain and improve wildlife and fish habitat

  • Enhance recreational opportunities on their land

  • Maintain and improve the aesthetic character of private land

  • Explore opportunities to diversify agricultural operations and

  • Develop and apply sustainable agricultural systems


County Level Technical Assistance - Your first stop, in person and on the farm assistance! 


NC Cooperative Extension - NC Cooperative Extension is Your first stop! Each County has multiple agents and access to NCSU based specialist for your technical support questions.
NRCS: Soil & Water Protection & Issues, High Tunnels and MUCH MORE - USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is Your second first stop! 

CEFS/NC Choices - The Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS NC Choices) for niche meat production, processing, and sales
Division of Soil & Water Conservation (DSWC)
Soil & Water Protection & Issues, High Tunnels
Infrastructure for processing, wholesaling, distribution, food hubs- Where can I get my product processed? Visit the North Carolina Local Food Infrastructure Inventory.
Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) - NC Commercial Kitchen and Food Hub Guide! 

North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (NC DACS) Agribusiness Division - Marketing Support, Labeling

Land Loss Prevention Project - Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery for Producers

NC Small Business Center Network - Small Business Centers (SBCs) are hosted at 58 community colleges across the state. Find your nearest SBC. Seminars, counseling and services are offered at no cost (or very little cost).


NC Small Business and Technology Development Centers (SBTDCs) are hosted at universities across the state. Find your local SBTDC


ATRA Sustainable Agriculture - A national clearing house of on farm technical assistance publications.


North Carolina Growing Together/NCSUResources for Producers and Food Businesses. An example of publications include:

  • Feasibility studies for equipment purchases and diversification strategies

  • Historical pricing information and case & pallet calculators by acre and row

  • Resources for meat, egg, and dairy producers

  • Resources for selling into wholesale markets

  • Regulatory information, including GAP/GHP information

  • Technical resources for postharvest handling, season extension, and food safety strategies


Case Studies


Food Safety - Food Safety is one of the most important technical topics for food producers.